Ancient-Australia-Unearthed-front-coverAncient Australia Unearthed

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One October day in 1984, the Department of Aboriginal Affairs in Canberra was advised by radiophone: “We have a first contact here.”

Located in the Gibson Desert, nine Pintupi people had been picked up in a four-wheel drive and taken to Kintore, near Alice Springs. They had never seen a non-Indigenous person, let alone cars and towns.

Wearing human hair belts and armed with spears and boomerangs, the Pintupi Nine quietly stepped out of the desert and into modern-day society. They are believed to be the last people to have lived a traditional Ancient Australian lifestyle.

Drawing on archaeology to map 50,000 years of Australia’s ancient past, Ancient Australia Unearthed traces the evidence etched into the skin of this country to reveal the rich and complex history of this unique island continent.

Ancient Australia Unearthed directly addresses the Australian Curriculum: History topic ‘Ancient Australia’. It will also have a broad appeal for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of, and a deeper appreciation for, one of the world’s greatest stories of isolation, resilience and survival.

* Shortlisted for an ABDA Award in the Education category and for an EPAA Award in the Secondary Education category!

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